Saturday, April 18, 2009


J-Zone presents Chief Chinchilla..Live at the Liquor store

01. Bein’ A Menace (Produced By: J-Zone)
02. A Message From E-Swift (of Tha Alkaholiks) (Produced By: J-Zone)
03. At The Bodega (Produced By: J-Zone)
04. Real Man Drank (That Billy D) (Produced By: J-Zone)
05. Mild Riot feat. Al Shid (Produced By: J-Zone)
06. Can I Get A Sip? (Produced By: J-Zone)
07. M.A.D.F.U Message (Produced By: J-Zone)
08. Facelift Malt (Produced By: J-Zone)
09. No Mo’ Cisco feat. The Farmers Blvd. Liqua Sto Quartet (Produced By: J-Zone)
10. Hillbilly Beer feat. Jethro The Rappin Redneck (Produced By: J-Zone)
11. Hi-N-Ergy! (Produced By: J-Zone)
12. Town Bizne$ feat. Ammbush (Produced By: J-Zone)
13. Callin’ Earl (Produced By: J-Zone)
14. Leave That Horse Alone! feat. Louis Logic, The Farmers Blvd. Liqua Sto Quartet (Produced By: J-Zone)15. O’douls Is For Fools! (Produced By: J-Zone)
16. Calvin’s Hard Lemonade feat. Breeze Brewin (of The Juggaknots) (Produced By: J-Zone)
17. Harden The F*Ck Up! (Produced By: J-Zone)
18. Zodiac (Produced By: J-Zone)
19. 8 Ball Scratch (Produced By: J-Zone)
20. Hey Mon Brew feat. Creyesis - Jamaican MC (Produced By: J-Zone)
21. A Message From Prince Paul (Produced By: J-Zone)
22. Bo$ Hog Egg Nog feat. Dick $Tallion (Produced By: J-Zone)
23. Pimp Potion feat. Celph Titled (Produced By: J-Zone)
24. Project Paradise feat. Poison Pen (Produced By: J-Zone)
25. Lindell The Wino (Produced By: J-Zone)
26. Fall Down Brew feat. RA The Rugged Man (Produced By: J-Zone)
27. Bigg Buzz Beer feat. Crazy DJ Bazarro (Produced By: J-Zone)
28. The Piss Test (Produced By: J-Zone)
29. Pour Out The Suds (Produced By: J-Zone)
30. The Drug Song (Produced By: J-Zone)
31. 31-51: Instrumentals

Friday, April 17, 2009

Cenobites out-takes

Apart from some joints scattered on Kool Keith mixes, theres this joint that OneLegUp Records put out last year..Kool Bob Love & CageKennylz make an appearance, if you love the original, chances are you'll dig the off-cuts from Nomad 10-7 an X-74

Album for the day

I'll be listening to this all day today.
You should too.
Only 6 months shy of being 15 years old, it still sounds sounds fresh an funky as fuck ..

Nightmare on Elm Street Remake

Robert Englund isn't playing Freddy.

Who, i hear you ask?
The ranga that played Rorchach in Watchmen.

Fuck that shit right off..
Dude is wack.. plus looks like that bloke with a vag

Fuck you dude
That is all.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I just found out theres a total of 15 Ernest films...holeeeeee shit.
im taking the rest of the week off so i can buy a VCR an rent them all...hey, i'll probably watch Ernest goes to Camp twice!!!