Friday, January 30, 2009

"A Guy Called West"

Oh shit! this is hilarious!! further proof oh how much of a fuckin loser this soppy little cunt is

"NO I.D. told me 'you need to sample off records' when I found that out, it was all over." (MTV interview)

"I like the dirty hoodrat, bitches with hookworm, ringworms"

While checkin i came across an interview from an old favourite, Noreaga. Originally taken from Life Sucks Die magazine, shit breaks down N.O.R.E's day-to-day, gettin head in the whip, explains the 'Neptunes gotta cocker-spaniel' line, QB slang an some other gems. Easily the funniest interview i've read in a long, long time... it's nothing!
(clickity click on the pic)

Friday, January 23, 2009


My favourite album post Y2K..Perfect album..Combine 1 split 1 pair headphones 1city walk an this joint..

Oh yeah, happy australia day everyone!!!i should prolly share a classic australian album, but im still livin in that 2000 mentality of not bootlegging local shit

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Get me...

these sz12...


here, you can have this for bein such a sport

Dru Ha, Shucky Ducky an the whole gang at DuckDown encourage you to download this mixtape from Crown Heights finest ..Ruste Juxx.. appearances from the whole BCC. an the best thing, its absolutely FREE!! Then cop the album!shit is heat!im not even kidding!

Google my balls

An Ode Of Listeness

**fuck** you ********, /
how do you do? shit, oh well/
**** you, ill explain duane /
why i ******* sopranos in beach-towells/
the fuckin deal with it,problem is you *****, /
of that im quite sure! /
is that of the ***** ***** /
i hear from ground floor! /man
your music is *********, /
your a dick in need /
for a ****** ****** /
shampooing, ********! /
your only a *****, ass/
of that im so sure. get the hell up off me/
but please watch the volume /
you ************ ********** fuck yer mouth
Apparently i wrote this two an a half years ago*, i think that's when i was living next to Liquorland on ******** with the mutants-from-totalrecall-lookin family that fought all the time.. wifey had the voice of a toddler rocken h.r huffenstuffs of helium....not as entertainting as ******* ***** flat funk, but hey

*edited 22/01/09