Thursday, January 22, 2009

Google my balls

An Ode Of Listeness

**fuck** you ********, /
how do you do? shit, oh well/
**** you, ill explain duane /
why i ******* sopranos in beach-towells/
the fuckin deal with it,problem is you *****, /
of that im quite sure! /
is that of the ***** ***** /
i hear from ground floor! /man
your music is *********, /
your a dick in need /
for a ****** ****** /
shampooing, ********! /
your only a *****, ass/
of that im so sure. get the hell up off me/
but please watch the volume /
you ************ ********** fuck yer mouth
Apparently i wrote this two an a half years ago*, i think that's when i was living next to Liquorland on ******** with the mutants-from-totalrecall-lookin family that fought all the time.. wifey had the voice of a toddler rocken h.r huffenstuffs of helium....not as entertainting as ******* ***** flat funk, but hey

*edited 22/01/09

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