Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reptillian Lunar Fun Day

Dead Coalition/ Semiramis festival has granted me 5 days off work.
Thanks guys.
I plan on drinking alot of rum, chain-smoking and hiding eggs from an awesome 5-year old.

I did these last night, for some of the jerks that share an office with me so as to please the Babylonian dudes of past.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Curren$y & Alchemist- Covert Coup

@Marvel- Alright... i like the kid now :)

Prodigy= The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP

From Complex Mag:
The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP Tracklist:

1. The One & Only (Produced By Alchemist)
2. Go Off (Produced By Sid Roams)
3. Black Devil (Produced By Sid Roams)
4. Twilight (Feat. Havoc) (Produced By Sid Roams)
5. For One Night Only (Produced By Alchemist)
6. Strong (Produced By King Benny)
7. Told Ya'll (Produced By Sid Roams) (Bonus)

**^^Click the cover for Link**

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Artist of the week- SUCKLORD

Last day or two i've been nerding out over this guy..
Dude makes Star-Wars Inspired Art:

, Dope Bootleg Figurines  (Which go for up to $799 on Ebay mind you)

 (ok'ish)Breakbeats an Hilarious Videos on YouTube


An Interview from 2008, 2007

Suckadelic Website

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another find.. KidTsu+PrincePo

My good friend Kid Tsu has been working with acclaimed artists over the past few years.
Here's one from a few years back with Prince Po.


Hopefully he releases something soon.. I havn't heard the amazing joint he did with G Rap in a while...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Forgotten Singles- Rob Nat- "Night on the tiles"

Going through some shit on my old hard-drive an found this.

Rob Natule a/k/a Robbie from Unkut.
First joint off his 2000 12"

"fuck with my six-pack/ cop a cricket-bat"

Click the pic

Friday, April 1, 2011

have a good weekend

i'm gettin the fuck outta dodge



Odd Future have gone mainstream!

You know this when enough work colleagues have heard about them to warrant banning the viewage of their Tumblr.

And i thought their Ad's on Facebook were bad enough...

Old Song from 2001

Shadow Ministars- Terror Coated Warriors- 2001 (No-Mortar-Edit)- Graphik, Figure8, Tomahawk, Formatron.

Old song we did 10 years ago when i was young, naive and used to rap.
Mortar cut me off the LP, so i cut him off this version.
I rap last.

"We shapeshift into nations leaders, and live inside Venus/
Even with Starmaps to the Gods, you couldn't see us//"

bored work sketches: part 121

Was forced to go through all my paperwork yesterday, in search of one elusive document.
Found some other doodles.

Oh, on the topic of doodles, i started, without a doubt the gayest (literally) painting i have ever done on the weekend. The flesh coloured housepaint i was using as a primer was giving me the shits, so i kicked the canvas an called it a faggot.. under the influence of rum and a few beers i thought it would be hilarious to paint dudes jerking each other off and go over it in watercolour.
I'll take a flick when i get it back from tomo an maybe you can have a look at something that has taken longer than 20 minutes outside of this office.



This bloody computer is taking so long to do shit this morning as every man an his dog is running first day of the month reports.
I did a shit drawing while waiting for the computer to think and reassess how shit he was.