Friday, October 15, 2010

Sketches from 2002

I'm diggin what the KingOfNails is doing atm with sketchbook scan posts.
                          Heres an old one.

                                                  * by Tomahawk

                                                        * by Tomahawk
                                                                  *by Ciecmate

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Best News i've heard all month...




Via Duckdown Newsletter

"Black Rob is the newest affiliate of Duck Down Music. The former Bad Boy, Harlem rapper is poised to release his first studio album in over five years. This past May, Black Rob was released from prison after serving four years for failing to show up to a previous sentence hearing for a grand larceny charge. Over the past seven months Black Rob has returned to the studio where he's always felt most comfortable.

Black Rob explains the LP is a "testimony of what I stand for and how I feel. The people have been asking for true hip hop music, and that's what I'm giving them. I stayed away from features. I've been away for 4 joints, so I feel the people deserve to hear me. When I came home, I went right to work, and didn't have time to reach out to cats. On my next project you will get that. As for producers, I have some up-and-coming cats on there. I believe in giving cats a chance. As far as named producers you may hear a joint or two from Buckwild, Self Service, Bishop, Scram Jones and Pete Rock."

On his decision to work with Duck Down Music, Black Rob reveals that he "always respected their movement and also been a fan of their music. If I'm going independent why not go with a team I respect, and they have always had a true family setting & environment."

During the course of his career, Black Rob has recorded several successful projects. In 2000, he released Life Story, which has sold over 1 million units & featured the well-known single, "WHOA!" Five years later, he returned with The Black Rob Report, which surpassed sales of 100,000 units. Again, five years later, Black Rob is readying a new album entitled Game Tested & Street Approved.

Fans in New York City will get to see Black Rob perform at the Duck Down VS Blacksmith CMJ Showcase on October 19th at Le Poisson Rouge located on 158 Bleeker St (between Thompson and Sullivan) at 10PM. 18+ event. Tickets are only $20. The first CMJ Badge holders to arrive will receive free access (limited-number).

For tickets visit:

Friday, October 1, 2010

Larry Lay-up's

Props to EarlyBird for this joint.. classic footage right here.
Watching Wilkins get shat on is always entertaining!

Have you seen this man?

Last seen loopin played-out breakbeats on Fruity (pause) Loops an rockin kiffiyeh's like it's 2007

Mix of the day- Cool Calm Pete 'The Food Theme'

Delicious, chilled funk/rap/soul joints with skits of digestible diorama skewered in between.
Serves 1-25*

*Jacked from the homie Baje-Ones website, Modern Shark.

Edit: Oh yeah, pick up the new Junk Science album when it drops!!

Artist of the Day: Ryan McLennan

Really feelin this Birch/Pine box w/20x 9"x12" giclee' prints.. check the links down the bottom for more illness...