Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2 New (but old) Alexx Baldwin Joints

Havn't been here in a while.. My position for my previous employer was no longer applicable, and hence receieved a fat redundancy pay out. Laid around for 6 weeks enjoying unemployed status (but still having bank).. shit's more of a holiday an less of a drag when you know you're going to have to find another job eventually..Which i did.. 25k+ on my old job.. close to our new home. (oh yeah we moved!..shit's got an avocado, fig and mango tree..Avocado Whatup!)...BUT..shit is mad busy, so i no longer have time to either play Monkey Island all day inbetween smoke breaks, OR draw dumb shit an throw it onto this blog..

Anyway, here's some photo's of late

We wen't to the Royal Show 2 weeks ago.. i got half a day off work. Shit was dumb fun. Jake went ape-shit :)

Oh yeah. this is part of the shed in the new joint...yet to finish that lechuck behind the dock..meh

yeah.. so painting fairly regularly now.. and still smoking constantly..wait.. i've cut down.. good for me

we havn't packed away everything in our new home, but my girl is pretty cute x. (PS-There's a present in that huggies it's not poo)

Oh yeah an i painted this at Tomo an Banana's joint last weekend.. it's a Luichi

2 of the NewER A.B joints.. we're doing more this Saturday.. Stay tuned.