Friday, December 19, 2008

Lo'er Lo'er

Camp Lo - Uptown Saturday Night

1. Krystal Karrington
2. Luchini AKA This Is It
3. Park Joint
4. B-Side to Hollywood
5. Killin' Em Softly
6. Sparkle
7. Black Connection
8. Swing
9. Rockin' It AKA Spanish Harlem
10. Say Word
11. Negro League
12. Nicky Barnes AKA It's Alright
13. Black Nostaljack AKA Come On
14. Coolie High
15. Sparkle

Camp Lo - Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
Dynasty - Adventures In The Land Of Music ['Luchini AKA This Is What']
Deodato - September 13 [Park Joint]
Eddie Bo - Hook and Sling [B-Side To Hollywood]
Cal Tjader - Leyte [Sparkle]
The Stylistics - Love Is The Answer [Black Connection]
Loose Ends - A Little Spice [Rockin' It AKA Spainsh Harlem]
Issac Hayes - Walk From Regio's [Nicky Barnes AKA It's Alright]
Bob James - Nautilus [Black Nostaljack AKA Come On]
Curtis Mayfield - Tripping Out [Black Nostaljack AKA Come On]
Janet Jackson - Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun) [Coolie High]
Skull Snaps - It's A New Day [Coolie High]

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2for5 'Broke minds think alive'

i almost forgot about this joint.. oh, cats that know would definately slot this in the most slept on list ..whatevas. but hey, shit is serious nuts. ace switches up from his earlier goofball style. oktobers pretty good too. but the beats man..godzILLA..i think theres maybe 1 skippable track. i hate to see albums like this that get lost due to poor distribution. like really. oh an EWOK 5MH/TCK did the cover

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Forgotten Singles- Nas- Sinful Living 12"

Rare old Nas joint with 1 verse an a slightly different flow than useyouall..actually, not that different, dude just slots in an extra syllabel

But i like this one better. i remember hearing it a few years back on a dough&porge1 mixtape an used to bang that shit at the Tom Price liquorland... butterz!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Forgotten Albums- Derek X- "Wild Cowboys"

I remember coppin this album when i visited Thailand in year 9 for like $9, i was stoked!
Anyway, this is DatyX's first solo album after Bran nu brokeup. GranPuMaxwells on a joint an DV Alias Khrist's (remember that guy!) on 2, Show, Buckwild, Diamond, Alamo and Beatminerz take care of the beats. An what i just found out then is Regina Hall ( the funny/buckwild bitch from Scary Movie/Boondocks) is a, albeit rather tame female interviewer on one of the more chilled joints on the album. an they used to be married. bugged!

the past 3 days

yeah, im 26 an i get a fucken ear infection. i havn't had this bullshit since i was what, 4?
cold get the fuck outta here!
an when i asked the doc if 'it' (the liquid after my eardrum burst)'ll just drip out my ear when im asleep, he's like '...nah itll prolly just roll to your nose then to the back of your throat'
Props to my man Marvel for coming through with the goodness ( Entire South park, Robot chicken3, an Boondocks)
first few episodes i was a bit skeptical, but once i found out my xbox couldnt rock any of the other discs, i stuck with it an kinda dig it
an with samuel l jackson an charlie murphy playin two 'cracka' a bit a madvillainy...whats not to love?
pfff.. after not eating for 3 days i was fangin something discusting and greasy.. bad choice pickin this shit though..
dont even think about trying this shit, its not no ultimate double whopper/animal kingdom shit where its some masculinity test.... nah! shit is just a discusting gigantic bean-pole made up of a whole gang of meat.. an im using the word 'meat' here very lightly.
i ended just scraping off everything, an chucking on some fried chicken and tomatoes. 1 meat pizza doesnt sound very vanglorious, but hey, at least i didnt grimace like hamburgulars buddy during a bukkake sesh with ronald after every bite.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

tings of latter


gun piss all night when your ratshit .
great idea nick !
i dont even want to smoke anymore .
how shit is that !

this made me feel a bit better doe

Monday, November 24, 2008

Forgotten Singles, A Subsidiary Of Squeeze 'Em Entertainment

Entire collection of probably my favourite record label..

From KMD to Cage to Arsonists, Juggaknots, Siah & Yesh.. some of, if not most ground-breaking /genre definining moments of independant 1990's hiphop

i hope mr bootlegger is lookin at the rawkus catalogue next

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

a person exercising power tyrannically

look out for this kid

dude got nice kicks an a phat lo collection. looks a bit starang but his lyrics are amazing, an speak for themselves

'So hang your hat on the bullet sleepin take it as a blessin
That chalk outline is stretchin big so everyone can get in
Listen for the best and discover the fastest way to quiet
Tune in to that terrible screamin they call silent'
Til heaven's tremblin hand is there to scratch open your eyes
This nickel pitched between the fingers find today's lottery prizes'
-'get rich or die trying'

the only reason i'm still occasionally checkin for jux shit (apart from pete) at the moment..

album droppen soon. beats by blockhead an a few others,
peep an interview an 2 gems in the meanwhile

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Forgotten Albums- Al Tariq "God Connections"

ok.. i'll be up with bangers of the week on the regular..
first week...
that sure is beautiful...thats beautiful
Al Tariq- God Connections

phat 96 shit

Friday, October 24, 2008

b.l.o style

fuckin a..

my new position at works not as demanding as the last , so busy half the time an spend the other half drawing gnomes or gunnin smokes in the sea container out the back..but yo.. this shitll be smashin like arkanoid bricks with all types of ill shit in the future

$50 bucks if you can figure out what this is..

..cos i got no idea

fuckin a