Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Forgotten Albums- Derek X- "Wild Cowboys"

I remember coppin this album when i visited Thailand in year 9 for like $9, i was stoked!
Anyway, this is DatyX's first solo album after Bran nu brokeup. GranPuMaxwells on a joint an DV Alias Khrist's (remember that guy!) on 2, Show, Buckwild, Diamond, Alamo and Beatminerz take care of the beats. An what i just found out then is Regina Hall ( the funny/buckwild bitch from Scary Movie/Boondocks) is a, albeit rather tame female interviewer on one of the more chilled joints on the album. an they used to be married. bugged!


Lipton said...

Christmas has come early friend.


Scarface's newest and lastest album ever.

Me said...

By the way, Lipton is me.


and me is benzies?

Me said...