Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the past 3 days

yeah, im 26 an i get a fucken ear infection. i havn't had this bullshit since i was what, 4?
cold get the fuck outta here!
an when i asked the doc if 'it' (the liquid after my eardrum burst)'ll just drip out my ear when im asleep, he's like '...nah itll prolly just roll to your nose then to the back of your throat'
Props to my man Marvel for coming through with the goodness ( Entire South park, Robot chicken3, an Boondocks)
first few episodes i was a bit skeptical, but once i found out my xbox couldnt rock any of the other discs, i stuck with it an kinda dig it
an with samuel l jackson an charlie murphy playin two 'cracka' gangstas..plus a bit a madvillainy...whats not to love?
pfff.. after not eating for 3 days i was fangin something discusting and greasy.. bad choice pickin this shit though..
dont even think about trying this shit, its not no ultimate double whopper/animal kingdom shit where its some masculinity test.... nah! shit is just a discusting gigantic bean-pole made up of a whole gang of meat.. an im using the word 'meat' here very lightly.
i ended just scraping off everything, an chucking on some fried chicken and tomatoes. 1 meat pizza doesnt sound very vanglorious, but hey, at least i didnt grimace like hamburgulars buddy during a bukkake sesh with ronald after every bite.

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