Thursday, November 6, 2008

a person exercising power tyrannically

look out for this kid

dude got nice kicks an a phat lo collection. looks a bit starang but his lyrics are amazing, an speak for themselves

'So hang your hat on the bullet sleepin take it as a blessin
That chalk outline is stretchin big so everyone can get in
Listen for the best and discover the fastest way to quiet
Tune in to that terrible screamin they call silent'
Til heaven's tremblin hand is there to scratch open your eyes
This nickel pitched between the fingers find today's lottery prizes'
-'get rich or die trying'

the only reason i'm still occasionally checkin for jux shit (apart from pete) at the moment..

album droppen soon. beats by blockhead an a few others,
peep an interview an 2 gems in the meanwhile

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