Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PowerBar Ernie- Poor Boy Lover Plus LP

Figured since i put up the Blair Cosby/Cereal Carpens joints, i'd put this up as well.
PBE's first album.. all killer, no filler. shit yourself to death
ChildMolester Records '00/

01. PoorBoy Lover Intro
02. He's Back
03. Son of Satan
04. This is the Chorus
05. 492-9248
06. The Touch (You're a Winner)
07. Feel that Iron Grip
08. It's the BagFace 5
09. Club Shit
10. The Mob
11. We use Bitches
12. Cholesterol
13. Wolvy-Bezerk Style
14. Outro


Anonymous said...

Whats Up,

Just wanted to say thanks for that blair cosby- your annoying joint, that shit is very rare nowadays, I had it from the old cage site, lost it and had been looking for years, honestly never thought I would ever get it again!

Of course ready for war is the joint..almost every line in there is classic.. "I'm looking for this guy right/and this niggas gay and shit" hahaha

"Blair Cosby/ It's Getting sales/I'm making the deals/and I'm still poppin/so sit your fucking ass down/phil collins"

I have got some rare PBE stuff that was not on his album that I can send you mp3's of- "the streets", "crafty" "poopdick is back" "california bbq song" "fuck chris ill" "powerbar vs eminem" "change the game", "fuck the weathermen" all of these were posted on the old cage site by copy after the PBE album, I would say around 2002-2003. I've even got his early tracks they had no titles, they were called number 1,2,3,4,5 that's how they were labelled, these were before the PBE album came out. From the amateur audio page. I've also got "amazing shit", and this really bizarre ep he put out a few years ago, mp3 only, it's 4-5 tracks possibly camu is on some of them, it's a little different to his early stuff, I would say more like the Bag Face 5 Bedroom Hustlers Album (got that too if you need).

Just drop your email and I'll upload whatever you need.

All I'm looking for in return is the PBE track "God Damn", it's an old song from before his album, used to be all over the net years ago, I had it but lost it unfortunately really want to hear that again. If you could throw that up on your blog when you get I chance I would really appreciate it- I think that and the track "lapdance" is all I need.




No prollem...i got pretty much every PBE joint..not sure about that EP though..drop the link in the comments

'I knew this bitch named Fran/she got a man goddamn/ but she looked so good, i shot her man in the haaaannnndd'..yup one of my favourites.. and the first released..i'll up that an Lapdance/StarWars next week..

You got any Benni B(Cage) joints?

"William Shakespeare is a fashion cop"

Anonymous said...

new pbe