Friday, July 30, 2010

PowerBar Ernie- Requests

Anonomous asked for the first PowerBar Ernie song to be upped-- originally posted as part of "Amatuer Audio" section on the CagevsAlex site back in the early 00's, so here it is....

An here's the club-banger featuring the one an only, world famous DJ CLUE?* Is a file on the site i could never open (password shit)..let us know if you can get it open

Next are some original art from PBE/Copywrite, MS Paint steelo..


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the PBE God Damn joint, that's trully classic and I remember the amateur audio well..this joint seperates the real hardcore pbe heads from the casual listeners..!!

Here is the unreleased EP:

I honestly have no clue where these joints came from, found them on soulseek about two-three years ago they appears to be a date on each of them, I think this is powerbars late period, because he's on some big tymerz ballin outta control comedy steez...i got to warn you this is straight up hilarious and impossible to listen to with a straight face on, one of the tracks it's either "Classy" or "Wonder Bread", track 4 or 5 there's a line "I look like an excellent socket wrench", hahaha

This is more like the Bag Face 5 album, it's got one or two other cats on it, possible blair cosby one of them starts a verse "i need a format/fuck it i need a dormat" and then probably has my fav line talking about taking "six foot nine pet gremlins" from someones house, maybe these were elft of the BF5 album?

Hope you enjoy them feel free to throw it up on your blog, I got one other small PBE request, I think the final joint I am missing is the eminem vs powerbar joint, which is from the old cage site era, it's over mission impossible or something like that, stars off with 'nice skirt' or something like that. PBE leaked it along with 2-3 other joints one of which was fuck the weathermen, and the other was crafty (personal fav..!)

If you can post that in the commengts or on the blog it would be appreciated.

ps- I got one benny b joint, it's called 'million dollar haha', if you need that I'll up it for you. I know there were others, I would be interested in hearing any others at all, I'm prolly missing a few.

Anonymous said...

Here's the only Benny B joint I've got, it called "million dollar ha ha", if you've got any others I'd like to hear them I think there might have been a few more I know amateur audio had some more, it was so long ago I don't remember the names, didn't Benny B (cage) do a powerbar ernie diss joint?

Anonymous said...

Hey can you reup the Benny B joint, Million Dollar Ha Ha?