Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuesday Night Dining

If you ever in Subiaco an craving a lil' Greek cuisine... DO NOT.. i repeat, DO NOT hit up George's Meze on D(P)enis St...

Starter plates were pretty good (bbq picked octapus gets the thumbs up.. rest i've had better as a pub meal), but the mains tasted like were slapped together in 5 minutes by that incompetent hunk-a-shit goofy-lookin chef..

Em's Trout Salad should have stuck to swimming upstream jizzing they pants far as possible away from that cluster-fuck of an establishment..

Poke Lord's goat 'looked' pretty nice, but through his best The Mayor face, grimaced "PAINFULLLLLY Average".

Bianca's chicken looked like some Coles Savings packet shit, an guess what.. Tasted like it too .

an my $37 Prawns tasted like they got the 37-second microwave heatin'-treatment..

As they were terribly undercooked, i decided best thing to do was leave them inside a terracotta pot, just below the roof, directly under a heater.. hopefully that turns away a few customers come summer-time....Fuckers.


kate jean said...

hahaha!!! oh i wish you guys had had a camera handy.

Ghetto Gourmet Traveller

Chronicles of shock & awe said...

I paid $32 for a bag-o-lettuce and some slivers of smoked trout.

George smokes pole.

Kosher Lobster said...

you got analed at a greek restaurant? funny, ironic or both?


D) All of the above.. bunch a fuckboys the lotta em..

PS- Write some more IncarceratedScarface shit on your blog holmes
PPS-We gotta link up soon (DVD's :)).. Pub tonight, or YumCha Sunday- it's your call