Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Last Emperor- Legend of Bigfoot.

Definately one of the greatest unreleased hiphop albums.
Dudes imagination is NUTS!!.. Content goes from pitting Marvel superheroes against rappers, shape-shifting into all land/air/water creatures, the comparison of a starving artist/homeless, the history/perspective of an ancient cat race, being one of the last remaining MC's surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, the afterlife, etc..
Is friends with Prince Paul.
Has an album coming out with Diamond D later on in the year.
Was signed to Aftermath (Pre-Slim Shady years)
Is incredibly intelligent and talented.
I've been listening to this album for close to a decade an it still captivates me as much as the first listen.
I'm bangin it now, so i thought i'd share it.
Your welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Is Bigfoot True or mock? For over 400 a long time, there have been reporting’s of a man like beast that is definitely completely coated in hair.