Friday, August 28, 2009

LoDeck- Dream Dentistry

"I got your kidneys crunched in my fist/
no wonder you're pissed/
cause I stated that Utopia will never exist/
Unless its getting blitzed/
Vomiting in a clean laundry basket and fondling random tits/"

"Innocent minds bring fake I.Ds to my dirty element/
We got the sorry bastards yellin it//"
"My passion with no breaks still got me crashin in the a.m/
Sun leaks mayhem/

Hemlock fills veins like a colorful mosaic/
strategic jumping jacks display it/
Mondrian insides painted"

Burroughs/Bukowski-esque lyrics
Brooklynite.By-way of.Belarus
Brutal.Belligerent.Butane-flame shit
Bensonhurst Boris

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